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“I teach what I need to learn,  and I learn more and more every day."

Julee Jones, owner, The Pilates Place

Located in the heart of Bellevue, The Pilates Place offers authentic Pilates as taught by its creator Joseph Pilates. Studio owner Julee Jones completed rigorous training under internationally renowned teacher Romana Kryzanowska, who studied with Joseph Pilates for 27 years before taking over his legacy. Julee is also a Certified Cancer Exercise Specialist and uses Pilates to uniquely assist cancer survivors regain their strength, balance, and movement.

Julee understands the many challenges of keeping the body healthy, herself having recovered from a stroke as well as a serious car accident. As she tells it, "The practice of Pilates movements have strengthened and stretched the muscles of my body, keeping me strong and more limber. I am balanced, able to move freely; to walk and garden; lift and carry so I can do the things that I enjoy doing. When I was younger, this freedom of movement was a given. Now, it is a gift."

Julee's cozy, welcoming environment and infectious positivity are immediately apparent to all who visit The Pilates Place, as many testimonials make clear. And of course, she's assisted in her instruction by her sweet furry companion Joey, who does his part to make every client feel relaxed, cozy, and at home. 

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