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Make yourself right at home...

The first thing you'll notice when you pull up to the The Pilates Place is the peaceful environment. The white picket fence, the chirping birds, and the cascade of flowers bursting with color immediately make you feel happy and at ease. Unlike many other studios, The Pilates Place feels like a home away from home. And once you're greeted by Julee's infectious smile and Joey's wagging tail, your tensions immediately begin to melt away.  


Flanked by beautiful gardens, graceful maple trees, and a pervasive sense of tranquility, this Pilates studio feels like a retreat. And Julee offers Pilates private instruction for individuals, for couples, and for small group classes. The Pilates Place offers its clients a rare chance to relax, take a breath, and enjoy a sense of peace and calm. 

Along with Julee's incredible knowledge about physiology and proven Pilates methods which help clients build strength, flexibility, and promote healing, The Pilates Place uniquely offers something "extra" to soothe your heart and soul. 

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