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What Clients Have to Say

Want to know more about what Pilates can do for you?

Julee's clients eagerly share their stories about where they started and how far they've come. 


I have been working with Julee for over three years, starting at the age of 64. Almost immediately following my first sessions with Julee, I began to understand something about the much-touted ‘core’. I am a pianist and a scholar and was accustomed to sitting for hours at the piano, or computer, causing my upper body to be overly developed and rigid. Since beginning my sessions with Julee, my body has completely changed for the better. My muscles have become strong and balanced, and my fibromyalgia, while still rearing its ugly head on occasion, is rarely bothersome for more than a few days. Julee showed me the importance of correct movement, especially when muscles begin to freeze up.

I’ve learned that I NEED to exercise to stave off my arthritis and because of the advanced arthritis in my left hip, which had begun at the time of my first right hip replacement. I had my second hip replacement a little more than two years ago, after having worked with Julee for a year. According to my surgeon, my muscles before and since the second surgery are in excellent condition making it possible to be back in action after only six weeks after my second hip surgery.

Marianne P.

Recovering from hip replacement

Through my private sessions with Julee, I learned how to support my lower back -- the source of my nerve damage and pain due to herniated discs -- by forming new behaviors in how I use my body.  Through the Pilates movement, I am now mindful of how to use my core, I do not need to be scared or anxious about exercises and movement in my lower back. For years, I have avoided movement in that area because it always caused pain or led to a flare up. I never realized that when I thought I was using my core, I was doing it all wrong! Through Pilates, Julee has taught me how to correctly activate my core and use it through every movement before and after my back surgery.


Nell H.

Therapy following back surgery

Katie B.

Being a cancer patient had brought about a lot of changes, not just in my life, but in my physical body as well. Most people do not know how cancer robs your body of hair (the most visible side effect), your muscle tone, teeth, and in my case, lung capacity. To battle some of the side-effects, you must surround yourself with the right people. I had researched several different ideas and chose to work with Julee Jones at The Pilates Place. I ultimately decided this method of movement, combined with her knowledge, were going to be the most helpful for me to regain strength, stretch, and my control in the movements of my body. I wanted to be able to start building muscle strength. I needed someone who understood that my body had been through a huge setback and that it is going to take time, consistency, and effort to regain at least some of my movement and strength back.


Julee is kind, patient and is a Certified Cancer Specialist and Pilates teacher. The first step is making the appointment and learning how to breathe properly, which helps nourish the muscles with the oxygen we need. When I saw her picture with Scott Hamilton, whom I admire so much, I knew in my heart I had found the right person.

Stage four lung cancer survivor

I walked into The Pilates Place with my shoulders slumped, holding on to my friend for balance and quite discouraged about the rapid progression of my chronic leg tremors. Julee’s comprehension and empathy of my issues, her encouraging words and her belief that she could help me propelled me to commit to regular sessions with her.I cannot even begin to tell you how my life has improved since I began my sessions with Pilates movements.  I have gained core and muscle strength and have improved my balance, my coordination and movements through the connections to my mind and body. Finally, my ability to accomplish activities of daily living has improved my attitude and my sense of self-worth. And my family and friends have noticed!

Judy G.

Suffers from orthostatic tremors

I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis several years ago. I was looking for a program that is an effective way to exercise with little pressure on my joints and knees. The smaller boutique setting here at The Pilates Place is a perfect fit for me to work towards my goal of helping develop my core and increase flexibility.         -- Jamie

I work full time as a nurse, and I’m on my feet for long hours. As a Pilates novice, working on the reformer,  I have already begun to notice improvement in my posture, flexibility, strengthening in my back and core in just a short time. As a couple, we enjoy having an exercise program we can do together. With Julee’s instruction, teaching a true Pilates method, we are experiencing a way we can both achieve our goals with our duet classes.        --Richard

Richard &

Jamie I. 

Duet classes

These are just a few testimonials from The Pilates Place clients. For more client reviews, visit our Yelp page

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