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"Can't wait till my next class. Julee and Donna at the Pilates Place are simply lovely souls, taking the time to help each person in class be in proper form to get the most possible from each workout.  

Susan W.

Lisa D.

"I have been taking yoga with Donna Ortner at The Pilates Place for over a year. This is by far the best yoga instruction I've ever received. Donna is so kind and knowledgeable and really takes the time to make sure we get the poses right. Her class offers the perfect blend of seriousness and fun, and it is because of this class that I have (finally!) started to see yoga not just as a form of exercise but as a way of life."  

"I have been studying Pilates on a private basis with Julee Jones for a month and am already feeling big and very positive changes taking place in my body, and in my mind. After decades of chiropractic adjustments, massage, physical therapy and a total right hip replacement, at last, with Julee's focused, principled and integrated guidance, I am learning what core muscles are, and how to safely strengthen them to support so many other underused muscles. As a result, my posture, strength and flexibility are improving with every session, helping me to feel more balanced whether walking, standing, playing the piano, teaching, writing or composing. Body and mind are so grateful for these lessons! Thanks, Julee." 

Marianne P.

"I started taking yoga with Donna at The Pilates Place about 6 months ago, and I love every class more than the last. The studio is clean, serene and unique - nestled in a rehabbed barn/ former music studio tucked behind a cute Bellevue cottage. The classes are small and cater to women, creating a friendly and supportive vibe that is hard to find anywhere else. I was new to yoga and worried I would be intimidated or unable to keep up, but Donna is a talented instructor who is keenly aware of each student's needs and abilities. She is able to seamlessly balance teaching the whole class while also developing individual modifications for each student as needed."  

Alex S.

"Pilates is a wonderful pathway to fitness and well being. The Pilates program is brilliant in design and Julee is a gifted instructor. She tailors each session to your need at that time. I have seen improvement in my posture; I have Scoliosis, which is also very important as I have a hereditary tendency toward osteoporosis. My ballroom dance instructor has commented on my core strength as well." 

Vickie C.

The Pilates Place

358 Bellevue Road

Nashville TN 37221


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