The Pilates Place is one of the only studios in Nashville offering Pilates classes taught by a certified cancer exercise specialist. Read below to see testimonials from some of our clients who have experienced

the benefits of exercise during their treatment and recovery. For more testimonials on

The Pilates Place group classes, click here or visit us on Yelp.

"I have been a client of the Pilates Place for 4 years. I started with private lessons while going through chemo. It really helped me through treatment and recovery. I have continued with private Pilates lessons. I've also started yoga classes and recently tried my first pilates mat class. Julee is a great teacher, and really focuses on individual needs. Donna's yoga class has been great, and helped me relax and recharge." - Helen L.

"I had chemotherapy and a double mastectomy as part of my treatments for breast cancer. I lost flexibility and sustained nerve damage from the surgery and the chemo. Pilates enabled me to not only regain my strength, but also to tone my body, so I am in many ways more flexible than I was before my diagnosis. I look forward to my twice-weekly sessions with Julee."  -  Mary G. 

"After a lifetime as an athlete and fitness enthusiast, I hobbled into the Pilates Place with a damaged spine from blood/ bone cancer. Julee is not only classically-trained in the true Pilates methods but has additional certification as a cancer exercise specialist. Her work is miraculous! I am stronger and "straighter". Even with the fatigue that accompanies cancer treatment, I leave every session with more energy and clarity. I truly believe Julee is as vital to my medical team as the oncologist and orthopedic surgeon (who wishes all his patients took Pilates classes). I have since added Donna's group yoga sessions to my health routine. Her experience, intuition and individual attention are outstanding. Lastly, you must see "the Place"! Not a busy gym or strip mall, but one of the most beautiful, peaceful settings with its own ability to transform."  - Allison M.  

The Pilates Place

358 Bellevue Road

Nashville TN 37221


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