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In 2013, The Pilates Place owner Julee Jones attended the Cancer Exercise Specialist Training Certification program because of the clients who had come to the studio after being diagnosed with cancer and who were seeking medical treatment. 

These clients came to The Pilates Place searching for the appropriate exercise method to strengthen their bodies after surgery and while undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments. 


In April of 2015, Julee went through re-certification with the founder of this special program, Andrea Beres Leonard. We encourage you to take a moment to read an article written by Andrea Leonard that describes how the proper exercise technique can help breast cancer survivors. To read the article, click here. 


The Pilates Place is privileged to work with these men and women and experience how the stretch, strength and control of the Pilates modality will help create balance, strength and coordination in the body of the cancer survivor. 

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