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Pilates is based on six principles: control, concentration, centering, breath, fluidity and precision. Build strength in your core while lengthening and toning key muscle groups throughout the body. 

Learn the precision methods of True Pilates as created by Pilates founder, Joseph Pilates, a German native who emigrated to the United States with his exercise system in 1926.  


Pilates is based upon the six principles of control, concentration, centering, breath, fluidity and precision. Joe Pilates’ original promise to his serious students was they could expect to notice a difference in their bodies within 10 sessions. He believed that Pilates students can achieve a different body and a new level of confidence in 30 sessions.


The original True Pilates method offered through The Pilates Place is Mr. Pilates’ method and has the unique, proven ability to strengthen and balance your body for optimum performance whether your goal is to run a marathon or simply get in and out of your car without pain.



  • Enhanced concentration, coordination and balance

  • Release of muscle tension

  • Increased flexibility and joint mobility

  • Improved posture and endurance

  • A stronger core (abdominal and lower back muscles)


Those who practice Pilates notice better body awareness and stronger, sleeker muscles without bulk, as well as more energy and confidence.

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