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Why (and Where!) You Should Try Pilates

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Odds are that you’ve heard of Pilates, yes? With studios popping up all over town, it may appear that it’s more of a fitness fad than a wellness solution that has been around since the early 1900s. Pilates has a rich history, though, and it has staying power, which should be our first clue that it works. The beautiful part about the many local studio options now available in Nashville is that there’s a perfect Pilates place for every person to plug in and enjoy regardless of age, size or ability.

We tried out some of the city’s most popular Pilates outlets to bring you a realistic idea of what’s out there and assess which would be the best for your personality. After all, if you have a great first experience, you’re more likely to return, right? And, we promise, it’s a workout worth returning for. Here we go:

The Pilates Place

358 Bellevue Road, Nashville • (615) 579-3959

Julee Jones of The Pilates Place works with students on the Cadillac and the reformers in the rustic home setting of her Bellevue studio. Image credits:

Located on a beautiful property in Bellevue, The Pilates Place has been open since 2001. Owned and operated by Julee Jones, the setting alone is a big draw for its remote, peaceful vibe. The only thing better is Jones’ dedication to and passion for providing an authentic Pilates experience as Joe Pilates intended. Jones assesses her clients’ bodies to help her best determine their needs, and, from first-hand experience, she was spot on with ours. It’s that knowledge that then guides her teaching, giving her students the awareness they need to properly align themselves, whether doing Pilates work or simply going about their daily routines.

The front house features reformers, a Cadillac and other sundry equipment to provide a full and effective workout. In the back house, which is a former music studio where some big names once laid down tracks, is the studio, where Pilates, yoga and barre classes are offered.

Bonus points: It’s quite clear that helping others achieve — or work towards — healthy bodies is Jones’ life work. In addition to being a Pilates instructor, she is also a certified cancer exercise specialist — one of only two in Nashville — who helps cancer survivors regain their strength and quality of life. Click here to learn more about that option.

Ideal candidates: The draw of The Pilates Place is not only the studio history and instructor knowledge, but also the mellow atmosphere and peaceful vibe. It’s away from the hustle and bustle of Nashville proper and truly feels like you’re stealing away for a moment all your own. Jones works with all ages and abilities and is highly focused on “using your powerhouse,” which, to you soon-to-be Pilates converts, means your core. Current specials: For a complete menu of classes, and private and duet options, as well as rates, visit her website at

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